Volkswagen Van
window sealing

How to change the sealings in the front doors:

Generally it is not necessary to remove the inner side of the door. Hopefully the clamps do come out with the old sealings or stay in the door, but do not fall inside the door. In case they come out they can be placed inside the door again.

Part numbers and drawings can be found in the internet on the WAGENTEILE homepage (see Link Page).

The spare parts. The upper / rear part has to be shortened. The length for T3 vehicles: 1081mm (no guarantee, check it !)

The old sealing fell in peaces...

how to replace the upper / rear sealing. Press on the door frame and bend around the corner.

The mounting clamps to come out with the old sealing. Make sure they do  not fall inside the door. Mount them inside again, as on the picture on the right side.

A look inside the door: inner sealing, glass, the gap with the clamp for the outer sealing.