Volkswagen Van
central locking system

Defect description:

Locking was only possible at the driverís door with the key, but closing the doors on the other side or via remote control did not work. The doors were opened again.

Reason: defect motor unit in the driverís door. The locking mechanism did not move inside the driverís door, but when locking with the key the mechanism was moved correctly and worked fine.

Rich people can buy a spare part with following number: 255 959 781

All others may try to repare it, as I did.

Since the unit is closed with screws, it can be opened easily. But be careful: remove the part with the cable side so that the lower parts stay flat on the table and do not fall out !

The motor itself was o.k., but the contacts were corroded and dirty. Clean them and bend them to make sure they press again on the counterpart.

The tooth wheel has a bolt at the rear side that moves the locking mechanism. If mounted wrong, nothing works, I tested that ;-)

Leonhard wrote in a mail that he had another type of defect: two tiny springs were corroded and did not press the electrical contacts enough towards each other. His trick: he replaced these springs with springs from cigarette lighters, which normally press the fire-stone towards the wheel. Thanks for this hint !

red = 12V, brown = ground, yellow connected to 12V locks the door, white at 12V unlocks it.

The contact that is connected with 12V for some time starts the motor, that switches off by inversing the connections. The connection is afterwards connected to 12V and the motor is switched off. The motor itself is connected between white or yellow (depends on the tooth wheel position) and ground.